Using Video to Expand Your Outdoor Business

outdoor video marketing

If you’ve invested any time into email marketing, you are aware of the importance of having a solid list of subscribers. The law of logic says: the more people opening and reading your messages, the greater the chance of converting them to clients.

There are a variety ways you can increase the number of people who sign up for your emails or turn into paying customers. Video is one that you might have overlooked. The time people spend watching digital video each day has increased 55 minutes from 2011. Last year online videos accounted for 64 percent of consumer traffic, a number that’s predicted to reach as much as 79 percent by the year 2018.

People now spend more time watching video than on social media. Especially millenials. The best part? Studies have found that millennials are increasingly spending more money on what they value most: experiences. Even better? They’re entering the workplace. So they’re making money to spend.

This is where you come in. Video provides an excellent opportunity to reach more prospects, entice them into signing up for your newsletter, or converting them to paying customers. Here are a few insider tips and tricks that will help you turn your video marketing into powerful lead-generating tool.

First, always include links to your sign-up page (calls to action).

Most video hosting websites, like YouTube, feature the option to add annotations throughout your videos, which provides the perfect opportunity to share links to your email newsletter or contact page on your website.

There are different options, including the design, layout and other features that you can customize to make your annotations more in line with your marketing style and voice.

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Consider adding a “gate” to your video content (but only some of them).

A gate is something that requires prospects to share their information to proceed with the content they’re trying to view. You’ve probably encountered gated content in your own experience on the web.

The creator of that content will only allow access in exchange for your email address. This same concept can easily be applied to video content as well. With this approach, make sure that the video content you’re providing is worth your audience’s time. Otherwise, you’ll only succeed in frustrating and driving away your prospects.

Only gate some of your videos. Stick to those that are longer and offer the highest quality and value. We recommend allowing your viewers to watch for a few moments before the gate pops up. This will provide enough time for them to “preview” the film and decide whether it’s worth sharing their information to proceed.

Make a commitment. Be consistent.

Transform your video marketing efforts into a powerful way to generate leads.

Produce high quality video content on a consistent basis. Why? Because the annotations you’re including may not be enough to convince your target customers on the first try. It takes time to convince a prospect to convert into a paying customer.

Focus on providing ongoing video content that stimulates your target audience. They’ll reach the point where they want to take action. Then, your efforts will have paid off.

The outdoor industry provides ample opportunity for capturing and sharing high quality video content. Take full advantage of this opportunity. You’ll begin to see the results manifest in all areas of your business.

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