[New Tool] – Great Tool for Guides or Outfitters to Get More Referrals and Capture Reviews From Happy Customers


We have an awesome tool to announce that helps guides, outfitters, and tour companies attract more clients to your website AND get reviews from your happiest customers.

Problem 1: Clients have a great time on an excursion/trip with you, take a bunch of photos, and then they share on their Facebook, Instagram or Twitter feed… but YOU or your business does not get credit!  

Problem 2: You want your best customers to leave a positive review online. If you’re lucky, a happy client will remember to go write a positive review about you on Yelp, Trip Advisor, or somewhere else. But most of the time, they forget. (Unfortunately, it’s only the unhappy ones that never forget to write a scathing review)


Give your happy clients something they will want to share and make it super easy for them to submit a review! 

Introducing the newest tool from TheGreatOut.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1 –  Open up TheGreatOut App / Platform and upload your client’s photos



Step 2 – Click “Share with Customer” to send it to them via email


Step 3 – Your Customer Gets and Email With A Link To Their Photos Or Video


Your Customer Will Get Sent To a Gallery Page Like this…



You have the option of making the gallery “Review Gated”, meaning they can access the content if they leave a review…


After They’ve Left a review, They get sent to their photos or video

Customers can easily share the album or video which will lead back to a page like this with your company branding!

Instead of your client’s friends just clicking on photos in Facebook, they come back to a gallery page with your company’s branding and a link to your website. 

Bottom Line: This tool puts you in front of new prospects with a strong friend referral.

2 birds, 1 stone.

Check out a working demo here: http://dpf.greatout.com/

Want access or to try this newest tool for your guide business? Just submit a request here